The First Cry of Atom

Omaha: Unified view of financial metrics of public companies

Financial data is always interesting enough to attract data scientists and software developers because of its potential of producing value literally. If we succeed in finding novel insight from the data, it may give us financial benefits. Even if not, financial data analysis is a fun thing, and it’s worth trying. Omaha is a Python library to ma... Read more

Ensure Query Result Consistency with TinyPresto

Ensuring the query result consistency is a vital part of providing reliable service on top of the SQL execution engine. The business process of many users may depend on the findings and insight derived from the observation. If the result is wrong, their business should also go wrong. It’s is a critical problem. To ensure the query result consis... Read more

Building aarch64 image with Docker

Most of us may use x86 architecture to run your application usually. x86 machine is a dominant architecture in the data center and desktop application. Of course, this blog is also written in the MacBook Pro running on Intel Core i7. But you may want to run your application on the machine running with different CPU architecture from time to time... Read more

How to make ARM cross compilation on macOS

Cross-compilation is occasionally troublesome. It often requires us to install additional toolchain to get it done. Now, I found I needed to compile my source code for the Arm architecture machine for Mbed application. I do not have any idea how to install the toolchain for Arm compilation. Thus this is the post to describe the fastest way to p... Read more

Hands-On Machine Learning with TensorFlow.js

TensorFlow.js is a JavaScript library designed to create a machine learning algorithm on top of the web platform. That is so powerful that we can quickly build and experiment with our machine learning model with the interactive manner provided by the web platform. I kept contributing to the TensorFlow.js since the beginning of the public release... Read more