The First Cry of Atom Today is the first day of the rest of my life.

Easy template rendering with Python

There were some cases I want to render some template file easily without any rendering engine(such as ERB, jade). So far I wrote some script which uses sed command to replace an arbitrary placeholder written by myself. This is a little tough work and not maintainable. I have found a easy way to render an template file with only Python. Python... Read more

Try Hive LLAP

Do you know Hive LLAP? This is stinger-next project of Hive. With LLAP, you can pass a sub-second query to Hive. However this project is in progress now. You cannot use this with released Hive. Today I’d like to describe how to try LLAP in you cluster. Building Hive LLAP is very tough work especially under development state. So there is a pro... Read more

What I learned in SV

From 3th Aug to 9th Aug, I visited Silicon Valley especially Santa Clara and San Francisco. This trip is mainly for fun not business. But I had a rare experiences through this travel. I want to write down what I learned because there are a lot of things which are necessary to work with foreigners. These are the points what I want to master. ... Read more

cgit cookbook

I created cgit server on EC2 before in order to check commit log and source code. (However, running EC2 constantly costs me not a few money. I terminated it. ) This process was a little troublesome for me. So I write the first cgit cookbook here. cgit cookbook This cookbook will do Configuration of cgit service Launch cgit server with ap... Read more

How to use cgit

When I want to browse a git repository, I usually use GitHub if the desired repository is there. Of couse GitHub always provides great experience whenever looking into source code of a famous open source software. But I found there are three cases when I want an alternative. GitHub is slow for just browsing source code. GitHub does not h... Read more