The First Cry of Atom Today is the first day of the rest of my life.

Estimation of probability distribution with Masked autoencoder

Autoencoder can extract various type of features from image sets. As I have done this before with MNIST datasets, we can see this result with our eyes by making images which represent its weight parameter. Today I tried other type of autoencoder which is called MADE(Masked Autoencoder for Distribution Estimation). This kind of autoencoder is pub... Read more

Engineering for me

It took a time from my last post. I am not so busy, in honest. I have nothing to write about and to write with. Words. This is a practice of writing English for me more easily and fast. I cannot find when the goal has come to me:) So anyway, I attended this hackathon yesterday. Open Hack Day 3 This event was hosted Yahoo Japan Corporation. ... Read more

The Power of Open Source for a Learner

Recently I often receive patches into my own latest open source software, storm-cookbook. This is a simple chef cookbook which creates apache storm cluster. I wrote just for myself, my needs, my other projects. Until now, there were some times I received patches and merged pull requests into other projects. Almost all patches were small but not... Read more

Getting started learning kernel

As a software engineer, we come to this point at last. Linux kernel is the bible and the ultimate stage all software engineers should learn in their lifetime. So I started kernel learning seminar with my friends. In this week we held that at the first time. Kernel overview from Kai Sasaki At this time, we explained the overview of li... Read more

Storm cluster on EC2 with vagrant provider

The other day, I released storm deployment tool for QA and development, storm-devenv. I update this tool to create cluster on both EC2 and VirtualBox. VirtualBox of course provides us enough power to check my storm patches is valid or not. But there are some cased when I want to check it on the environment which is more close to production’s one... Read more