The First Cry of Atom Today is the first day of the rest of my life.

Storm cluster on EC2 with vagrant provider

The other day, I released storm deployment tool for QA and development, storm-devenv. I update this tool to create cluster on both EC2 and VirtualBox. VirtualBox of course provides us enough power to check my storm patches is valid or not. But there are some cased when I want to check it on the environment which is more close to production’s one... Read more


Yesterday, I attended this seminar, “An Introduction mathematics for all programmers”. This seminar was held to exchange information each other who come from various types of fields. I gave a presentation about AutoEncoder which is used in DeepLearning recently. I thought it is very attractive theme itself, but because of my lack of presentation... Read more

Security Group on VPC

When you create SecurityGroup on AWS, there is a point you have to care. Security group can control access list listed as IP addresses. These values are retained as Inbound and Outbound format. Inbound shows that this security group can receive package from described IP addresses. Outbound is the contrary. So if you missed the configurati... Read more

Getting started HHK Pro2 Type-S

I obtained HHK Pro2 Type-S US version. This is the keyboard which I long for a long time. Typing touch is very light. So you won’t be tired even if keep typing long document or programs. In addition to this, the sound of typing is very low. I heard that normal HHK Pro2 is a little noisy when you do strong typing. Type-S is not the case.(B... Read more

Vagrant in TravisCI

I received pull request from Bill Warner. He writes unittest which used test-kitchen and RSpec. This pull request is a great resource for me because I didn’t know how to write test code for cookbook. There are a lot of things I can obtain. I cannot say thank you enough. And I always glad to receive PR from anyone, anytime. So after merging it... Read more