The First Cry of Atom Today is the first day of the rest of my life.

TopCoder with IntelliJ IDEA

When you try TopCoder, as you know, IDE is one of the most efficient options to write accurate code very fast. So far, Eclipse is the most famous IDE in this field. However today, I know IntelliJ IDEA can also be the great editor to fight it out. So I try to install TopCoder plugin into my IntelliJ IDEA which is called IntelliJCoder. Install... Read more

Object handler cannot be called in php extension

I have a problem. object handler cannot be called in php extension I am developing PHP extension. However, I am not sufficient familiar with PHP extension. So in this time, I have no answer how to solve this problem by myself. I cannot call destructor of my class written in C++(in below code, foo is that. In my inspection, I know PHP_MINIT... Read more

Actor model with node cluster

If you want to implement asynchronous parallel system with nodejs, the best and easiest way might be using cluster. Cluster module is easy to use and provides you faster implementation. I wrote somewhat Actor like code that uses cluster module. var cluster = require('cluster'); var http = require('http'); // Get the number of core of your CP... Read more

Tokyo Node Gakuen 11th period

Yesterday, I took part in Tokyo Node Gakuen 11th period for the first time. Though I want to attend this meeting to be a node hacker for a long time, I have not been able to get a chance to do so. About two weeks ago, I semi-completed n42 that implements some deep learning algorithms, stacked denoised autoencoder, deep belief network. So time ... Read more

Optimize octopress for facebook post

This blog made by octopress, ruby CMS tool. As many others do, I also combined this tool with GitHub pages But this method has one fault about posting on facebook. Octopress doesn’t include ogp properties as default. Ogp properties privide facebook meta information such as title, author, description and url. So without this meta information, yo... Read more