• Caveat using all? and any? in Ruby

    There are always several pitfalls in writing a code, regardless of its difficulty. Developers are likely to get into trouble for several hours or more. This time I will briefly describe the situation where I’ve got stuck due to a lack of recognition of the short-circuit evaluation semantics provided by... [Read More]
  • Ruby Build Failure with OpenSSL3

    There may be no developer who has not encountered installation errors when using Ruby and rbenv. As a piece of evidence that Ruby and OpenSSL have bad chemistry with each other, you may be able to find a lot of questions line about the error like this. [Read More]
  • Loop summation with MLIR

    MLIR is not a programming language in a broad sense. As the name suggests, it’s an intermediate representation to express the middle-level structure of the program. This framework is so versatile and flexible by employing the plugin architecture inside. It might be possible (and even natural) to write our program... [Read More]
  • How We Migrate Millions of Queries on The Cloud

    As a software engineer maintaining running service on-site, you may have the experience of migrating something owned by users to another platform without breaking any visible functionality. It often happens when you introduce a new version of the software or apply security patches. [Read More]