• VHS Language Cheat Sheet

    Many developers who are constantly writing blog posts or giving a presentation at conferences may want a tool to record their terminal screenshots easily like me. In addition, you may wish to be free from the burden of re-recording or editing the demo video many times to adjust the content... [Read More]
  • Chinese Pinyin in macOS keyboard

    macOS is a powerful operating system to support multiple languages. Not only can you switch the display language, but also we can write any language possible by changing the input source. But the Chinese pinyin input system is a little bit tricky. So we need to get used to it... [Read More]
  • Caveat using all? and any? in Ruby

    There are always several pitfalls in writing a code, regardless of its difficulty. Developers are likely to get into trouble for several hours or more. This time I will briefly describe the situation where I’ve got stuck due to a lack of recognition of the short-circuit evaluation semantics provided by... [Read More]
  • Ruby Build Failure with OpenSSL3

    There may be no developer who has not encountered installation errors when using Ruby and rbenv. As a piece of evidence that Ruby and OpenSSL have bad chemistry with each other, you may be able to find a lot of questions line about the error like this. [Read More]
  • Loop summation with MLIR

    MLIR is not a programming language in a broad sense. As the name suggests, it’s an intermediate representation to express the middle-level structure of the program. This framework is so versatile and flexible by employing the plugin architecture inside. It might be possible (and even natural) to write our program... [Read More]