• Digdag syntax highlighter in Atom

    Digdag was released from Treasure Data. This is a highly scalable distributed workflow engine. It was developed for both analyst and engineers in order to make their daily batch and adhoc jobs more easy. The important part I want to say here is we can define workflow in one file... [Read More]
  • Professional Hadoop

    Wiley gave me another chance to write a book about Big Data technology. This was offered at the almost same time when I started to write Spark book that is introduced previously because they expected me to write something about Hadoop too. So this is a book about Hadoop especially... [Read More]
  • Conditional mysqldump

    mysqldump is a useful tool for migration of database. This tool enables us to move a data into another database through human readable format, SQL. But as default mysqldump dumps all records in all tables in database. I wanted to use mysqldump as a tool to move only specified record... [Read More]