• Parse API migration test tool

    I participated into HackDay 2016 that is held by Yahoo Japan Corporation with my friend. Every time I attended, we develop a tool for ourselves not for users. Because I’m sure it can make the world better. In addition, it provides us new skill as a software engineer. That was... [Read More]
  • Think about hometown

    My father was born the country side of Japan, Akita prefecture in Tohoku district. It is located northern Japan. Most of the people in Akita moved to Tokyo in order to get an good opportunity for making better life. It was called Jokyo. So a lot of young people in... [Read More]
  • From Silicon Valley

    This is very long time from the last time I wrote the blog. I don’t want to say that, but I was busy. I’m currently somewhat busy, but I want to write the current status of me. I have a business trip to Silicon Valley about two weeks. It is... [Read More]
  • Import your own data with td CLI

    I’m little consused to use td CLI to import my own data into Treasure Data service. In terms of bulk import, there some concept you should know. Of course it is not difficult. Once you understand the internals, you might be able to make the import process more efficient. The... [Read More]
  • Hive UDAF mode

    There are big difference between Hive UDF and UDAF. I found that when I was developing UDAF. Normal UDF usually process one row into one value. And Hive jobs are executed as MapReduce job (of course other can do run such as Tez or Spark). So in the case of... [Read More]