• Multiple buildpack on Heroku

    I usually use Heroku when I join some Hackathon. This is the easiest service the I’ve ever used as we can deploy my application with git command which is friendly tool I always use. So we can deploy a web application or API service in short time. [Read More]
  • Build Hadoop on Mac OSX

    Building Hadoop on MacOSX is a little tough work. You have to pay attention to the version of JDK and ProtocolBuffer. In spite of this fact, there are some times when you want to use other versions in case of building other tools. Especially there might be a lot of... [Read More]
  • Equally size pane of tmux

    You can split your terminal with tmux. But these pane sizes are not same when you split more than 3 panes. This is not good to see and even might be obstacle for development. You can split equally size panes with only below two lines. [Read More]
  • Easy template rendering with Python

    There were some cases I want to render some template file easily without any rendering engine(such as ERB, jade). So far I wrote some script which uses sed command to replace an arbitrary placeholder written by myself. This is a little tough work and not maintainable. I have found a... [Read More]