• Security Group on VPC

    When you create SecurityGroup on AWS, there is a point you have to care. Security group can control access list listed as IP addresses. These values are retained as Inbound and Outbound format. Inbound shows that this security group can receive package from described IP addresses. Outbound is the contrary.... [Read More]
  • Vagrant in TravisCI

    I received pull request from Bill Warner. He writes unittest which used test-kitchen and RSpec. This pull request is a great resource for me because I didn’t know how to write test code for cookbook. There are a lot of things I can obtain. I cannot say thank you enough.... [Read More]
  • Run Spark Local Machine

    From Spark 1.2.0, it seems to be different from older version when you want to run your spark job on your local machine. Before v0.9.2 you can run standalone job with such code. [Read More]
  • Clipboard on MacOSX with tmux

    With default tmux, you may have some trouble copying text on clipboard. Drag with option key enables you to copy selected text to clipboard. But the number of keys you have to touch when you select has been increased. This is completely annoying. By using reattach-to-user-namespace, you can copy any... [Read More]