• Clipboard on MacOSX with tmux

    With default tmux, you may have some trouble copying text on clipboard. Drag with option key enables you to copy selected text to clipboard. But the number of keys you have to touch when you select has been increased. This is completely annoying. By using reattach-to-user-namespace, you can copy any... [Read More]
  • I have a dream

    Today, I took a walk with one of my friend. He joined my office the end of last year and he is from Wuhan, China. He is a good man and very kind to me wherever we met. We walked around imperial palace and visited Tokyo station, Imperial Palace East... [Read More]
  • Your own cluster with storm-devenv

    As written in this post, I developed a tool for constructing storm cluster more easily. When you want to add new features or investigate some bugs issued by others, this tool will be useful. Usually this kind of tools can only construct a cluster with released packages. storm-devenv enables us... [Read More]
  • Making storm cluster for development

    When you develop big data processing platform such as Hadoop, Spark and Storm, you need to construct a cluster. You can create it with whichever virtual machines and real server. Personally it is hard to obtain real servers. Setting up networks and configurations are tough work. So you might use... [Read More]