• New C Frontend for MLIR Affine

    MLIR is a powerful tool to represent the complicated semantics with retaining the high-level structure of the code. The most notable thing about MLIR is polyhedral compilation support by Affine dialect. The capability of expressing the static control part (SCoP) of the program allows us to accomplish the tailored optimization... [Read More]
  • Control Log Level of Terraform

    Terraform in the cloud writes the stderr log in the console so that we can quickly discover what resources are created, changed, and destroyed. However, it may sometimes be too lengthy to grasp the complete information quickly. As we do for the typical long-running application, it is necessary to control... [Read More]
  • What is FMA (Fused multiply-add)

    FMA (Fused multiply-add) is a technical term representing the floating-point operation performed multiplication and addition in one step. This operation executes the following arithmetic calculation, which frequently shows up in various programs. Unlike separating multiplication and additional operation, it achieves higher performance and numerical precisions. [Read More]
  • CIS Compliance Benchmark for AWS

    Keeping the cloud infrastructure secure is an amazingly critical requirement these days to reassure users. But the process for that is complicated and time-consuming. Finding all vulnerable points is difficult at the first place. Although there are some benchmarks provided by security authorities, such as CIS, it is not easy... [Read More]