• CIS Compliance Benchmark for AWS

    Keeping the cloud infrastructure secure is an amazingly critical requirement these days to reassure users. But the process for that is complicated and time-consuming. Finding all vulnerable points is difficult at the first place. Although there are some benchmarks provided by security authorities, such as CIS, it is not easy... [Read More]
  • Major Dataflow Analysis Patterns

    Dataflow analysis is a technique to collect information about the possible state that the program can take at each point of the flow of the program. This analysis lets us know, for instance, which variables are alive at the specific point of the program or how many times a variable... [Read More]
  • Terraformer accelerates the Terraform migration process

    Although infrastructure-as-code is an excellent concept we all should obey, migration of infrastructure set up to written code is always challenging. The final infrastructure should be identical to the existing one to avoid the wide range of catastrophic failures. But manually writing the Terraform code (or any other infrastructure automation... [Read More]
  • Essential ways to make your Rails faster

    There is no reason to keep the application slow. If we have room to improve the performance of our application without any drawback, we should do. It makes our users happier, and your application becomes attractive and prevents people from leaving for alternatives due to the performance issue. [Read More]