The First Cry of Atom Today is the first day of the rest of my life.

ListenableFuture and immediateFuture

ListenableFuture is a Future interface implementation in Google Guava library. Since it has compatibility with Future, you can replace Future with ListenableFuture. ListenableFuture provides a mechanism of lister callback in addition features of Future. The result of Future should be fetched by main thread later but ListenableFuture call the cal... Read more

Learning CMU 15-721 (1)

普段分散システムやデータベースの開発やメンテナンスをしているけれど、体系立ってデータベースのアカデミックな研究に触れたことがなかったのでCMU 15-721を一通り見てみようと思った。なぜこれを勉強してみようと思ったかというと周りの人が何人もおすすめをしていたからだ。少しずつ勉強してみたい。 初回はデータベース研究の歴史が主だった。が、私にとっては知らない、聞いたこと無いシステムがたくさんあったので面白かった。スライドはここ。講義の映像はここにある。 1960s - IBM IMS 世界で初めてできた商用データベースと呼ばれるものはこのIBM IMSというものらしい。アポロ計画の部品管理、目録作成のために作られたらしい。IMSを使ったことはないけれど聞いた感じ私が知っているR... Read more

Config of CircleCI 2.0

At the end of the last year, CircleCI 2.0 was released as closed beta. The main differences are described here. So according to the migration guide, I want to make a list to be noted when you migrate your project toward CircleCI 2.0. Of course for myself. Config path CircleCI refers circle.yml file as build configuration. In CircleCI 2.0, the ... Read more

Finagle future and ...

Twitter seems to have moved their infrastructure to NodeJS from Scala. Today we moved all of Twitter’s mobile web traffic (that’s like, a lot) to our new web stack – Node.js, Express, React PWA. I’m wondering they will keep supporting finagle in future… Read more

gimg - Terminal Image Viewer

At the beginning of this year, I decided to learn some new programming languages. For now, these are Go and Haskell. Go is obtaining popularity among system programming and development tools like Docker. Haskell seems to be good for learning another programming paradigm, pure functional programming. Anyway the best way to learn a new programmin... Read more