The First Cry of Atom Today is the first day of the rest of my life.

Data for our future

If I remember correctly, I wrote such a post several years ago. I wanted to say that it is not important to keep just grief for our future. I believe only data can contribute improvement our life in future, emotion can be a support for keeping that action though. The belief is not changed yet today. Today, 5 years has passed from the disaster... Read more

Markdown Common Elements

Summary: You can pick as item to see how to apply in markdown. Comum Elements Basic formatting Headings Lists Paragraph Modifiers Urls Horizontal Rule Images Code Basic formatting This note demonstrates some of what Markdown is capable of doing. And that’s how to do it. This note **demonstrates** some of what [Markdown]... Read more

Parse API migration test tool

I participated into HackDay 2016 that is held by Yahoo Japan Corporation with my friend. Every time I attended, we develop a tool for ourselves not for users. Because I’m sure it can make the world better. In addition, it provides us new skill as a software engineer. That was fun time. We wrote a tool and patch for migration from th... Read more

Think about hometown

My father was born the country side of Japan, Akita prefecture in Tohoku district. It is located northern Japan. Most of the people in Akita moved to Tokyo in order to get an good opportunity for making better life. It was called Jokyo. So a lot of young people in Tohoku district did Jokyo to urban area especially Tokyo. He has a hometown i... Read more

From Silicon Valley

This is very long time from the last time I wrote the blog. I don’t want to say that, but I was busy. I’m currently somewhat busy, but I want to write the current status of me. I have a business trip to Silicon Valley about two weeks. It is a common thing for new comers to work at HQ for two weeks at Treasure Data. So that’s the reason why I am ... Read more