The First Cry of Atom Today is the first day of the rest of my life.

Build SparkR

Apache Spark includes R API. If you are a developer of Spark, you will have a time to change API or implementation of Spark core and MLlib. In this case, you also have to change SparkR test codes. (And also you may have to change Java API test cases too.) But I had no experience to use R on my mac. So I wrote the process in this time. Install... Read more

Hadoop build commands

You might have a experience when you cannot remember the command how to build in your purpose. How to skip tests? How to build tar.gz package? How to build native packages? These information are in BUILDING.txt. So in this post, I’d like to file these command you may often use in your hadoop projects like a cheetsheet. Definit... Read more

Multiple Hadoop Cluster on Docker

As a hadoop developer, there are several times when I want to create multiple node hadoop cluster more easily. First I came up with using VirtualBox and Vagrant. But it was very slow to launch one cluster. Besides the more nodes we added, the slower launching time be. I cannot wait to check each change and debug it. Every developers may think so... Read more

Text Formatting

As always, Jekyll offers support for GitHub Flavored Markdown, which allows you to format your posts using the Markdown syntax. Examples of these text formatting features can be seen below. You can find this post in the _posts directory. Table of Contents Inline HTML elements Heading Code Lists Tables Blockquotes Tables Defini... Read more

Multiple buildpack on Heroku

I usually use Heroku when I join some Hackathon. This is the easiest service the I’ve ever used as we can deploy my application with git command which is friendly tool I always use. So we can deploy a web application or API service in short time. Yesterday, I took part in Music HackDay Tokyo 2015. At this hackathon, I struggled create environm... Read more