The First Cry of Atom Today is the first day of the rest of my life.

Red J in IntelliJ IDEA

In some cases when I use IntelliJ IDEA for Java projects, I faced this red J mark. This mark means these files are not included current project. So indexes of these files are not generated and search functionality does not work. How can we solve this problem? The answer is here. You need to specify the source dir File> Project Structu... Read more

Build Hadoop on Mac OSX

Building Hadoop on MacOSX is a little tough work. You have to pay attention to the version of JDK and ProtocolBuffer. In spite of this fact, there are some times when you want to use other versions in case of building other tools. Especially there might be a lot of cases when you want to use JDK8 and it is even recommended. Today, I found Had... Read more

Equally size pane of tmux

You can split your terminal with tmux. But these pane sizes are not same when you split more than 3 panes. This is not good to see and even might be obstacle for development. You can split equally size panes with only below two lines. # split -v S unbind S ## bind S split-window <- this is an original line. bind S split-window \; select-layo... Read more

Easy template rendering with Python

There were some cases I want to render some template file easily without any rendering engine(such as ERB, jade). So far I wrote some script which uses sed command to replace an arbitrary placeholder written by myself. This is a little tough work and not maintainable. I have found a easy way to render an template file with only Python. Python... Read more

Try Hive LLAP

Do you know Hive LLAP? This is stinger-next project of Hive. With LLAP, you can pass a sub-second query to Hive. However this project is in progress now. You cannot use this with released Hive. Today I’d like to describe how to try LLAP in you cluster. Building Hive LLAP is very tough work especially under development state. So there is a pro... Read more