• macOS Monterey does not find HHKB for Bluetooth

    The primary keyboard I use for my hobby and work is HHKB. I especially like my HHKB BT, easily integrated with any computer via Bluetooth. As a result, we are no longer annoyed with the long and congested cables. Here we have a nice brief video to learn more about... [Read More]
  • How to Enable Spanish Input Source

    One of the excellent habits I have obtained during the pandemic is learning another foreign language other than English. I loved traveling abroad before, but it is not possible due to Covid-19. To overcome this frustration positively, I decided to learn more about other foreign languages so that we can... [Read More]
  • We Love Papers We Love

    As some of the readers may already know, it is sometimes beneficial to catch up with the recent studies in the academic world to solve the non-trivial problem you are facing. The recent blog from Stackoverflow reminds me of the importance and fun of rereading academic papers on computer science.... [Read More]
  • Extending EBS volume size

    If you maintain the long-running EC2 instance, you may have encountered the situation where you find the initial EBS storage volume insufficient. It may be caused by the log volume increasing rapidly than expected. Or you may put many resources in the instance manually. [Read More]