• Easy API Response with Jb

    A well-structured web application codebase is extensible and maintainable. MVC framework is a software design pattern allowing us to achieve that goal. The framework decouples the component for interface, internal business logic, and data persistence layer so that we can easily modify each of them without affecting other building blocks.... [Read More]
  • Dump IR by Glow Compiler

    This time, we will visit another machine learning compiler, Glow. The PyTorch community actively develops Glow; meanwhile, MLIR I’ve touched on in the previous posts is mainly built by the LLVM community. Glow is a compiler to lower the given machine learning model into the executable format on various types... [Read More]
  • How to init Memref in MLIR

    Reading the tutorial of one software always brings me to the gateway leading to the other eternal journey. It’s an exciting experience if you are a technology enthusiast. Walking the path to be the software expert on your foot can be an irreplaceable event in your career. [Read More]
  • When to use describe/context/it in RSpec

    The well-structured test suite helps check the necessary cases are covered at a glance. Developers looking into the code, later on, can quickly grasp which case they should add or modify. The famous unit testing framework provides us a way to organize the test cases in that manner. [Read More]
  • How to add new policy to IAM role by Terraform

    Security management in a fine-grained manner is a critical component to deploy the enterprise application successfully. Terraform enables us to manage any resource on the cloud service by using the declarative language, HCL. If you are a software engineer providing any service on AWS like me, Terraform gives us the... [Read More]