The First Cry of Atom Today is the first day of the rest of my life.

Professional Hadoop

Wiley gave me another chance to write a book about Big Data technology. This was offered at the almost same time when I started to write Spark book that is introduced previously because they expected me to write something about Hadoop too. So this is a book about Hadoop especially for deep dive into core Hadoop technology and recent version whic... Read more

Conditional mysqldump

mysqldump is a useful tool for migration of database. This tool enables us to move a data into another database through human readable format, SQL. But as default mysqldump dumps all records in all tables in database. I wanted to use mysqldump as a tool to move only specified record to another table. We can assume a situation when a data in prod... Read more

Update the design to use indigo theme by Kopplin

I searched several themes which available for Jekyll from yesterday. Indigo is the best and minimal one which fit my favor. If you want to try this design, please follow the instruction written in README. indigo README It was very easy. Read more

Welcome to Jekyll!

I updated the site powered by Jekyll from Octopress. Hello Jekyll! Read more

Remind for INSERT INTO with psycopg2

The most famous library to connect PostgreSQL from Python might be psycopg2. psycopg2 is a simple and easy to use library for who want to manipulate SQL simply. When I want to put a record into a table, I wrote a query like this. conn = psycopg2.connect(host=pg_credential.hostname, port=pg_credential.port, ... Read more